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Our platform makes it possible to buy and sell crypto at a supermarket, convenience store, gas station or any of our supported locations in the US and other countries.


How It Works

Buying crypto made easy

Select buy method

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Select Buy


Select 'Cash In Person'


Find a supported Cash location on the app and 'Add Cash Now'


Select Crypto, Input Wallet and Transaction Speed.


Generate Barcode and visit selected location.


Get Crypto!


Why choose us

Whether you prefer trading online or would rather conduct transactions in person, Unbank is here to cater to your preferences. We offer you the flexibility to choose the method that best suits your needs.

Buy and Sell Crypto

Buying and Selling crypto should be as easy as sending a text. Unbank makes buying and selling crypto instant and secure.

From Days To Seconds

Unbank makes it effortless to buy crypto instantly without having to deal with the headaches of slow transfers.

Tracking and Progress

Track your crypto transactions on our application using our web or mobile application.

Fraud Prevention

Unbank uses various KYC modules to verify customers, their risk levels, and their financial profiles. We are proactive to take whatever security measures to protect our customers.

Secure Transactions

Unbank uses Secure Payment Services that allow a safer, faster, and more secure way to purchase crypto online.

Receive Notifications

Set notifications and reminders for Cash pickup, crypto purchases, crypto price change, and more.

Transcend Boundaries

Our platform can be accessed by anyone with a smart phone. Mobile banking may help historically Unbanked regions gain financial access.

No Manual Oversight

Blockchain technology gives us a clear advantage to services that rely on archaic technology and manual oversight when operating.

Over 40,000 Locations

Buying and selling crypto is as easy as a trip to a supermarket, CVS, Walgreens or any Unbank-enabled locations across the nation.

Sign up within a few minutes and start buying and selling crypto today.

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