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Our platform allows customers to create an account and complete a successful transaction in a matter of minutes. When customers need help they can always rely on our friendly world-class support team to get help quickly.

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Unbank is for everyone.

Unbank is a digital currency company founded in 2014 and is the longest-running Bitcoin ATM company in the US. Unbank makes it easy to instantly buy and sell Bitcoin online and in person. We have the largest coverage for purchasing cryptocurrencies with Cash, Mastercard, and Visa Debit Card at over 50,000 big-box retailers in the US and other countries.

Our platform makes it possible to sell and liquidate Bitcoin and withdraw Cash at a supermarket, convenience store, gas station, or any of our supported locations in the US and other countries.

* Visit our support page to see the list of supported countries for buying and selling cryptocurrency online and in person.

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Here At Unbank, We Strive To Provide Great Customer Service. As A Growing Company In The New And Exciting Crypto-Industry, We Can Quickly Become Busy As Our Customers Reach Out To Us For Support And Guidance. In Order To Receive The Best Support, Please Follow These Best Practices When Contacting Us.

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For more information or tutorials on how to use our platform, check out our YouTube Channel.